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10:10pm 10-16-2017
Rex Sinnott
Hello. I am looking for a burial for Maria Lane (nee McSweeny) who died probably early 1837. Her husband Michael Lane was a prominent civil engineer who worked for I. K. Brunel on the Monkwearmouth Dock 1835-1840. Any help or suggestions appreciated. Rex Sinnott
5:45pm 10-09-2017
Martin Henderson
Looking for some help if you are able to. Putting together a Priesthood line of authority for someone I recently ordained. I share my Dad's and I am trying to put together one with photographs. Dad was ordained a HP in Sunderland in 1970 by James Smillie and himself ordained by a Frederick William Oates in 1966. Did you know either of these men or know someone who may have? My family was in Sunderland Ward in the early 1970s and my parents are Allan and Jean Henderson. If anyone can tell me more about Frederick William Oates and James Smillie that would be great. A photo of one or both would be great too. Thanks, Martin Henderson
5:18pm 09-20-2017
Do you have an email address I can sent questions to regarding your work on cemetery records?
3:47am 06-19-2017
Troy Bates
Thankyou for your great work in cataloging and transcribing headstones in the various cemeteries. Very helpful for those researching their family histories and recording history.
3:41pm 04-25-2017
Leif Mattsson
I enjoy finding myself on your missionary list for 1971, but I would be happy if you would remove Denmark and write Sweden instead as the land where I come from. I have written to you before about this but no response. I hope to be able to visit you during 2017.
10:48pm 04-15-2017
Ryhope Relative
Thank you so much for this. I have found at least 5 relatives going back to 1800s even. It means a lot to me.
5:07pm 04-07-2017
Valerie Everson
I have sent an email to you with regards photos of headstones for the Calvert family unfortunately the email has failed to send using the link email address you provide - any help appreciated
1:15pm 02-10-2017
Spencer French
Hello. I served my mission in England and Sunderland was my first area. I served from 1997 to 1998. Elder Harr and I (Elder French) baptized an amazing guy and I have lost all contact. Hoping to make contact with him. I have no idea if he is still in Sunderland, still alive, active, ect. His name is Robert Ratcliff. He was a great man. Can you please help me? My email is and I am also on Facebook. Thank you.
8:29pm 01-09-2017
Thank you for all your hard work. I found the information very useful.
7:41pm 12-20-2016
Leif Mattsson
I served as a missionary in Sunderland for 8 months in 1971. I am on your missionary list, but I am from Sweden - not Denmark! I will definitely visit Sunderland ward during 2017. I enjoyed your website immensely. So wonderful to see what is going on 45 years after my mission. I loved serving in Sunderland. Baptized Ken and Eileen Turner and their children, if you remember them, and the mother of Ruth (Lakeman) Safak and many more. Looking forward to hearing from you. I live in Gothenburg, Sweden and have served as Stake President here for over 10 years.
10:04pm 10-30-2016
Ann McDermott Whan
Planning on a trip "home" next year [2017] and wondered if anyone knows the dates of Sunderland Stake Conference?
Thanks . Ann
10:01pm 10-04-2016
David Caslaw

Just a correction to your Index section if I may. You refer to "Sunderland, Tyne and Wear (formally County Durham)." It's "formerly" and the City of Sunderland is still officially in County Durham (see Association of British Counties website). "Tyne and Wear" is a defunct Metropolitan administrative area. Sunderland is, in fact, a Unitary Authority in its own right.

Best regards,

10:53pm 05-23-2016
Sarah Furness
Hello, I have sent an email however I will leave a message here also. My father and his parents and sister worked and lived at Town End Farm, he left the farm to join the army as a young man. My Grandmother Sarah Furness is buried at Castletown Cemetery and my parents were married at St Mary Church. We visited the cemetery when my father was alive however, there had been some vandalism and we think my grand mothers headstone had been broken. Any pictures or information relating to town end farm would be welcome. My grandfather worked at the Colliery also. Family names were Furness and grandmothers maiden name was Conboy.
5:42am 03-24-2016
Lisa Stolarski
Greetings. My name is Lisa Stolarski; I am researching my family's genealogy and the birthplace of my great grandfather on my mother's mother's side is listed as William Rennis Smith from Sunnybrough, England. I figured out that there is not more borough of Sunnybrough, but there are two William Smiths in your records. One of them has no date or town associated. I wonder if this might be my great grandfather, his parents were Owen Smith and Ella Kenna. If this William Smith is indeed my great grandfather then it might interest you to know that he moved to Monongahela Pennsylvania where he was an importer of European goods until the market crash of 29. He then lived in Pittsburgh and operated an elevator in a fine hotel called the William Pitt. He married Rose Barrett and had three children in Pennsylvania, Mary Cecilia, my grandmother, William Smith and Rennis Smith, my great-uncles. Rennis died of fever during WWII.
3:51am 03-01-2016
Glen Kelsey
Any members around still know the Taylor's from 1980,....this is Elder Kelsey
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