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12:02pm 12-05-2014
John Wilkinson
I think a lot of researchers would like to see the burial registers for Monkwearmouth, St Peter and Bishopwearmouth, St Michaels & All Angels (Sunderland Minister) Did anybody transcribe these headstones before they were destroyed? They preserve heritage and graveyards a lot better up in Scotland.
3:46pm 09-25-2014
Maureen Wilson
My first visit to this web site, but not my last, i am researching my family tree but can not find out where my grandparents were buried, they died grandmother 1950 and grandfather 1952 at Stotts Pasture, Philidelphia, Co Durham
4:52pm 06-22-2014
Herman Ngai
My name is Herman Ngai
I was baptised at the year 2003 at Sunderland, Brother Joseph was Bishop at the time, if anyone still remember me at all, I would like to get in contact with any of you, thank you I leave with you my e-mail

oh and ah... if Adam (stinky fish) is there, please contact me too
5:04am 05-21-2014
Brandie Miguel
I served in Sunderland around March and April of 1994. I was a brand new missionary so I only served there for two months. But, I absolutely loved my time in the ward. I had only been a member of the church for a year when I began my service as a full time missionary. I had many wonderful experiences in Sunderland. Thank you!
10:54pm 05-04-2014
maureen macaulay
this my first visit. I live in Canada. most of my family grandma aunts uncle I am trying to find, thank-you
8:42pm 02-09-2014
Mavis White
Wonderful work - have found a few of my Crawford and Jackson ancestors on the site. Thanks.
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